a) English language equivalence requirements
Be able to demonstrate intermediate to upper intermediate level of English comprehension, that is, demonstrate having achieved or approaching IELTS level 4.5 or greater; and

b) Educational and other qualifications, skills, and other prerequisites
Has education to a level, which is equivalent to an Australian Senior High School, College or University, or are able to provide evidence of relevant work experience from their country of origin; and.

c) Age requirements
They are 18 years of age and over (No under 18 year’s old student to be enrolled).

d) Placement test
All students are tested on orientation day so that they can be placed in the correct class for their current level of English. You will be required to take reading, grammar, writing, and listening tests and to have a one to one interview with a teacher to see how well you can speak. Once your test results have been calculated you will be allocated to a class to begin your course.